Otl Aicher: Poster Designer

Otto “Otl” Aicher was a German poster designer who was famous for creating posters and pictograms for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, the Rotis typeface, and pioneering the usage of stick figures in everyday signage. Aicher was also the founder of the Ulm School of Design. His pictogram designs are very unique because they show so much movement in such a simple way. The Olympic posters are also interesting because they use a unique color palette. Aicher also used the typeface to his advantage in the Olympic posters because of how clean and simple it looks on the poster, and it isn’t too distracting from the poster, as it shows what event is being sponsored and promoted for people to go to.


I think Aicher’s work is very interesting and simple. Very clean designs, crisp use of typography, unique usage of color, and the usage of a stick figure is very clever because it shows a person actually doing the thing the sign/poster is promoting (walking, running, etc).



First Image

Second Image

Third Image

Source for information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otl_Aicher


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