The Dieline Website

From the moment you first enter this website, you enter a website where beautiful designs are praised, new designs are critiqued, and the awards they give out for designed are shown off in a gallery. It also has job postings from places all over the world that need package designers.

An example of the critiques that they do can be found with the review they recently did of Zamora meat snacks. (For the full review, click here!)


Some elements of the critique I found interesting was how they analyze each portion of the packaging. They feel that this package design would work well in the modern market because of how it has a mix of “traditional elements with an element of fresh design”.


I feel this design works because of the simplicity of it. The text design is very neat and organized, while the usage of the color is simple, yet effective.

I will admit, the one complaint I had about this site was how slow it was (it could be the time I was accessing it), but overall Dieline is a very nice site, it has a nice design that is organized and easy to access.



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