NY Times How to Get a Job at Google Article Reaction

The How to get a Job at Google article by Thomas L. Friedman was an interesting article to read. It was interesting because he does a basic summary of what Google looks at when they hire someone new. Laszlo Bock is the man that Google uses to hire new people, and he had five steps to hiring someone new at Google.

The five steps that Google use are:

1. Technical

2. Emergent Leadership

3. Humility

4. Ownership

5. Expertise

One of the most interesting quotes in the article in my opinion is the leadership quote.

“Leadership — in particular emergent leadership as opposed to traditional leadership. Traditional leadership is, were you president of the chess club? Were you vice president of sales? How quickly did you get there? We don’t care. What we care about is, when faced with a problem and you’re a member of a team, do you, at the appropriate time, step in and lead. And just as critically, do you step back and stop leading, do you let someone else? Because what’s critical to be an effective leader in this environment is you have to be willing to relinquish power.”

I agree with this because whenever a company looks at your experience, they want to know how you as a capable leader can handle new challenges and if you can step up to the plate and handle the pressure. I also agree with the statement about how you should be able to relinquish power in case if you can’t handle the stress that might come with it.



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