Why I chose these quotes (Posters)

Anyone who uses Helvetica knows nothing about typefaces. -Wolfgang Weingart (postmodernism)

If you do it right, it will last forever. -Massimo Vignelli (modernism)
I chose these quotes because I feel they both sum up the modernism/post-modernism argument. Massimo Vignelli is considered by many to be the god of modernism due to his simple but efficient designs. Wolfgang Weingart is a respected postmodernist, but his work isn’t as well known/widely used as Vignelli’s is.
Both of the images are varied, the top being Weingart and the bottom being Vignelli. Note the stark differences in the two works. I like both of the works, but I like Vignelli’s slightly more because of how clean, neat, and how aligned everything is.

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