Daily Heller Blog Post Reaction

“When Cuba Was Seductive” was the article I chose for this reaction post.

This article was written recently in response to Cuba and the United States recently reopening diplomatic relationships. This article was written about a collection happening now at Florida International University from May 6th to August 21st.

A description of the show (SOURCE: FIU Website)

“Ever since Columbus first stepped foot on Cuban soil and called it the “loveliest land that human eyes have ever seen,” visitors have continued to describe and picture Cuba as a paradise. In the first half of the twentieth century, American marketers, mobsters, and developers and Cuban artists, performers, and graphic designers jointly shaped the island’s reputation as a dreamy tropical escape. Publicity campaigns and Hollywood films touted Cuba’s promises of indulgence—rum and cigars, rumba and mambo, and legalized drinking and gambling—all before travel restrictions curbed the two countries’ tourist trade.”

Alot of things are featured in this show, including cigar labels, travel posters, and magazine covers. Below are some photographs of the show (SOURCE: Daily Heller).

Overall I think this a really cool look into Cuba, a country once hidden behind Communism now coming out into the light with diplomatic relations. I’m excited to see what the future holds!

Article here!

FIU Description of Show


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