Independent Project

For my independent project, I worked with a friend of mine who needed some concept designs for a YouTube channel he is planning out. For his channel concept, I created a logo, a video thumbnail, and a few different colored logos. The channel name will be called “Story in the Stars”, and it is a channel based around fantasy and adventure. He will be creating content based around virtual reality, and using a story set in fantasy times. It will also have steampunk elements. The research concept behind this was interesting. I looked up medieval castles, steampunk related objects (gears, steam, etc.), and old school looking fonts (Gothic/Germanic fonts). Putting it all together was a challenge, but it was a fun time!


What went well was the fact that the client openly responded to my messages and he showed me what changes I needed to make. Putting the actual project together into something that would work was a challenge, but I think I made it work for the client. It was different from a class project because I had much more time to work on it, to get in touch with the client about changes and final designs, and the fact that the client enjoyed seeing the logo and thumbnail in front of him made this project all the worthwhile for me.

Overall, this project was fun and it was a nice challenge. I learned how to manage my time with a client, I learned how to properly handle a client’s critique, and what I learned in class also helped as well.