Taxes and Life after College/Jobs & Internships

I’m graduating from college in less than a week.

I refuse to believe it but at the same time I’m excited. I’m also terrified of what’s ahead. Terrified for what life holds for me, what jobs and internships are ahead, and what the world will hold for me. I already have an associate’s degree to my name, and to have another degree is exciting but at the same time kind of sad. Sad because I’ll miss the four years of college that I’ve experienced.

Here’s some advice for those looking at this just out of high school or community college. You know how they tell you to enjoy college while it lasts? Enjoy it. Seriously. It goes by so quickly.

One of the things I’m not looking forward to is paying taxes. But, after reading some articles online, I feel like I can understand it easier. According to the article “How to Do Your Taxes if You’re a Freelancer” by Aiden Wicker on Lernvest, look for deductions and fill out your forms!


The article in question!

Another huge thing I’m concerned about is finding a job/internship. I’ve never had a job where I go to an office/place of work, but I have plenty of in-house experience. What does that mean? It means that you will have a hard time finding a job. But, if you beef up your online presence and portfolio, people will find you! Also, purchase Adobe Creative Cloud! As much as I hate the monthly fee, it is becoming the accepted software.

This guide of tips from AIGA helped me immensely in my search, I will provide the link in the article below.


I’m looking forward to see what the world has to offer me. Bring it on. Good luck to other graduates and to whoever is looking at this with time left at school, good luck and enjoy it!